Training Coordinator Intern at Hebo Consult | March 2024

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Job Description

Department: Training Department

Date Released: 18th March 2024

Deadline: 05th April 2024

Qualifications: University Degree

Experience: Flexible

Vacancy: Training Coordinator – Intern
Department: Training
Position: Full time

Organized, Enthusiastic, Dedicated and a professional committed to delivering results /
value with keen attention to detail; if this sounds like you then this is an opportunity for
joining and growing with the HEBO Consult team.
We are looking for a Training Coordinator (Intern), your duties will involve three key
1. Customer Experience:
Your responsibilities will space from onboarding new course participants orienting
the participants, ensuring the participants have an excellent experience from on
boarding to completion of course and review sessions; Support the onboarding
process for participants, ensuring all relevant information is captured from and
relayed to the customer. This includes orientation of participants on the applicable
platforms; facilitating the dissemination of course materials to all participants,
ensuring all participants are attending all sessions; Ensuring smooth post-delivery
activities are handled effectively including smooth transition and for training
participants you are responsible to getting timely feedback for continuous
improvement an adaptation accordingly.
2. Event Management: Support coordination engagements, events and all activities
around the preparation of training, the training and all engagements after the
training is done this is encompassed by the planning and organizing training
programs and workshops conducted by the firm.
3. Process Management: Coordinate all necessary support functions that facilitate the
training experience;
You will work with the team to plan and structure the programs, coordinate the endto-end delivery of the programs by;
– Coordinating with Associate trainers and coaches to ensure availability for
scheduled classes
– Coordinating with accounts team for quotations, billing and payment follow up
– Coordinating with IT/support team to resolve any technical errors in platforms
during and post classes
– Coordinating with customers for getting timely feedback and relying feedback to
– Ensuring overall well rounded satisfactory experience for all Training programs
In addition to these responsibilities, you will support other engagements such as
collaborating with Instructors and specialists in planning and preparing courses, performing
analysis, report writing and any other duties seen fit.

Required skills:
• Strong verbal and written communication is important as well.
• Strong presentation and engaging skills
• Strong analytical skills
• Strong problem solving, collaborative and interpersonal skills
• A great planner and facilitator
• A motivated self starter, who is driven by the vision to success and create an impact
• Passionate about growth
• Digitally savvy:
o Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, MS Project and other
collaborative software, Google Products (Google Business and Google Ads) ,
o Adaptability to new platforms and software

Educational Qualifications:
• Advanced Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in either Project Management / Business
Administration / Information Systems / Economics/ Marketing / Related field

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