TANAPA Job vacancies | March 2024

March 24, 2024
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Job Description

Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) is part of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism’s Wildlife and Forest Conservation Service (WFCS). In order to preserve the nation’s heritage, which includes natural and cultural resources, both tangible and intangible resource values, such as the wildlife habitat, plants and animals, natural processes, wilderness quality, and scenery, the organization is required to manage and regulate the use of areas designated as National Parks. Additionally, the organization must ensure that human benefit and enjoyment of these areas is provided in a way that will not compromise them for future generations.

It actively combats poaching and conserves habitat to save endangered species, including cheetahs, lions, elephants, and rhinos. Tourism Promotion: By offering park management, visitor services, and infrastructure which ensure visitors have an excellent experience while having the least negative impact on the environment, it promotes responsible tourism. Research and Education: It conducts strict ranger training programs and deploys rangers to protect the parks from illegal activities such as poaching and logging.

Currently, TANAPA manages 22 National Parks which form part of larger protected ecosystems set aside to preserve Tanzania’s rich natural inheritance.

In order to maintain sufficient human resources and foster professionalism, the organization is looking to hire honest, results-driven, and self-motivated professionals to fill the following positions: 

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