Office Manager (Stone Town) (Office Manager) at andBeyond Travel | March 2024

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Job Description


Office Manager


Job Location
– Tanzania — Zanzibar North

Job Type

Monday, March 11, 2024

Closing date
11 Apr 2024 23:59



  • Oversee all operations within the Andbeyond Stone Town Office.
  • Order and issue out yearly uniform to all staff members.
  • Be open to feedback and able to respond in a positive way to correct any negative feedback that is received.
  • Be willing to represent Andbeyond at any events or meetings, when required this includes weekends and public holidays.
  • Assist in ensuring the Andbeyond reputation is at a high level and notify Senior Management should you foresee any issues coming.
  • When the General Manager is on leave, be prepared to take on any roles that are required within Stone Town, this includes activities that fall over weekends and public holidays.
  • Assist the General Manager with any paper work requested from Government departments.

Ground Handling

  • Daily overseeing of Groundhandling & Procurement Staff
  • Overlook the transfer schedules and ensure they are correct
  • Overlook the Groundhandling transfer vehicles, ensure they are maintained in good condition, always clean and up to date with regards to permits.
  • Ensure the rates sheets for transfers and excursions is always up to date and submitted to Lodge Support when pricing changes so that Andbeyond Consultants and Agents can be aware of the price changes.
  • Ensure the rates offered by Andbeyond remain profitable and competitive within the local market.
  • Oversee the Welcome Desk at the Airport, Ensure that it is maintained at a high standard and that all guests are always welcomed in a friendly, hospitable manner.
  • Monitor all third party suppliers to ensure that they remain at Andbeyond standard.
  • Remain vigilant for new and exciting excursions that can be offered to guests.


  • Ensure the Stone Town Office and Groundhandling Business units are budgeted for correctly each financial year.
  • Be responsible for the management of the budgets for the Stone Town Office and Groundhandling.
  • Provide feedback to the Financial Manager on a monthly basis for Management accounts for Stone Town Office and Groundhandling.
  • Management of the Office Petty Cash.
  • Ensure all invoices contain the correct company details as per Zanzibar Tax Laws.
  • Assist in monthly recons of all invoices received for the Stone Town Office and Groundhandling Team and submit to the Finance team for payment in a timely manner.
  • Assist the Lodge Administrator when needed with submitting tax returns at Zanzibar Revenue Authority.
  • Maintain the Monthly Fleets stats for Groundhandling department.
  • Oversee and manage Payroll for the Stone Town office and Groundhandling.


  • Constantly be checking suppliers to ensure Andbeyond is receiving the best possible products at the best possible rates.
  • Establish a price list with all suppliers that is constantly updated with new pricing.
  • Ensure the procurement logistics operate at an optimum level.
  • Oversee the routine maintenance of the Stone Town supply truck, ensuring that it is always road worthy and licenses are up to date.
  • Communicate clearly with Mnemba Island if there is any uncertainty regarding goods that have been ordered.
  • Double Check supplier statements with goods received.
  • Ensure all goods are packed securely into the Supply truck for safe delivery to Mnemba Island.
  • Be able to investigate and correct any discrepancies that may occur when the supply arrives at Mnemba Island.
  • Assist with the efficient importation of goods received coming to Mnemba Island, including Arusha.

 Human Relations

  • Notify Regional Human Relations Manager as well as Mnemba Island Management of any law changes.
  • Assist Mnemba Island Management with all Human Relations issues that may need attention in Stone Town.
  • Maintain a strong Team work environment within the Office and Groundhandling teams.
  • Ensure Andbeyond Life programs are followed.


  • Be Self-motivated and work efficiently to meet deadlines
  • Ability to lead a team of people effectively
  • Strong management skills, day-to-day, and long term
  • The ability to motivate staff to consistently deliver
  • Ability to think and act creatively within a team
  • Good knowledge of hospitality operations
  • Previous Office Management experience is beneficial
  • Computer Skills


  • Passion for creating fabulous guest delight – genuine interest in people and satisfaction
  • Good interpersonal skills – open and approachable
  • Diligence, meticulousness and self-motivation to meet deadlines and keep on top of your job
  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness/ability to share information and teach and inspire others
  • Bright, enthusiastic, energetic and caring personality
  • Smart, clean, presentable appearance.


  • This is a 2-year fixed term position based at andBeyond Mnemba Island, Zanzibar

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