Machine Operator at Jitegemee Holdings Co. Ltd (JHCL) | May 2024

May 2, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

About The Organisation.
Jitegemee Holdings Company Limited (JHCL), our esteemed client, stands as a prominent full-service mining entity with an ambitious vision to emerge as the most trusted mining corporation in Tanzania and the broader region. Committed to responsible operations and a dedication to sustainable development, JHCL is strategically positioned to achieve its visionary goals. The company’s operational hub is situated in Mbinga District-Ruvuma complemented by its central administration located in Dar es Salaam.
The Opportunity.
In its pursuit of excellence, JHCL is actively seeking dynamic, experienced, and qualified Tanzanian professionals with a proven track record to join its ranks, for the post of Driver, Machine Operator (Screen-plant, Crusher ) and to operate office equipment, Wheelloader and Excavator, respectively. 

JHCL extends an invitation to all interested and eligible individuals to apply for these opportunities, which promise a platform for personal and professional growth. We are in search of highly motivated and result-driven professionals who possess the requisite skills to contribute to the continued success of JHCL. Successful candidates will be integral in upholding the company’s values of integrity, effective communication, and exemplary service delivery to diverse stakeholders.
Job Details:
• WHEEL-LOADER – 2 Positions.
Duty Station: Mine Site- Mbinga, Ruvuma.
Reports to: Pit Supervisor (Screen-plant and Crusher Operator, and Driller), Sales and
Logistics Officer (Wheel-loader Operator).
Job Summary:
A Machine Operator is responsible for operating heavy machinery and equipment used in mining operations. This role involves safely manouvering and controlling machines to excavate, move, and load ore, rock, or minerals. The Machine Operator plays a crucial
role in ensuring efficient and productive mining processes while adhering to safety
protocols and equipment maintenance procedures.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Equipment Operation.
• Operate various heavy machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, drills, or haul trucks, according to mining plans and safety guidelines. 
• Operate machines skillfully to excavate, transport, and load materials, ensuring
precise and efficient operations.
2. Safety Compliance.
• Adhere to safety protocols and regulations while operating equipment, ensuring
the safety of oneself, coworkers, and other personnel in the vicinity.
• Conduct pre-operational checks on machines to ensure they are in proper
working condition.
3. Production Support.
• Collaborate with immediate supervisor to execute mining plans and achieve production targets.
• Monitor equipment performance and promptly report any issues or malfunctions to maintenance teams.
4. Material Handling.
• Load and transport extracted materials to designated locations, such as conveyor belts, trucks, or stockpiles, maintaining accurate loading capacities.
• Assist in material stockpiling and ensure proper segregation of different ore grades.
5. Precision Operation.
• Operate machines with precision, especially in confined or challenging spaces, to avoid accidents, damages, or spillages.
• Follow excavation patterns and depths as specified in mining plans.
6. Equipment Maintenance.
• Collaborate with maintenance teams to ensure routine maintenance tasks, such as greasing, oiling, and cleaning, to ensure equipment operates smoothly.
• Report major equipment issues to maintenance teams for timely repairs.
7. Communication.
• Maintain clear communication with supervisors, fellow operators, and other team members to coordinate activities and ensure smooth workflow.
• Follow instructions from immediate supervisor regarding excavation areas and target materials.

8. Environmental Stewardship.
• Operate machinery in a manner that minimizes environmental impact, especially near water bodies, vegetation, or sensitive areas.
• Comply with environmental regulations and guidelines related to equipment operation.
9. Documentation.
• Keep accurate records of daily activities, including machine operating hours, fuel consumption, materials moved, and any incidents or accidents.
• Complete logbooks and reports as per the policy requirements.
10.Continuous Improvement.
• Participate in training programs to enhance skills and knowledge related to new
equipment models and operational techniques.
• Provide feedback on equipment performance and suggest improvements to enhance efficiency.
• Perform any other relevant duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor from time to time.
Perform any other relevant duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor from time to

Key Qualifications:
1. Academic and Experience Qualifications.
• Possession of Ordinary Secondary Education Certificate ( CSEE).
2. Professional Qualifications.
• Valid heavy equipment operator’s license or certification
3. Technical Competencies.
• Basic knowledge of equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.
• Proficiency in operating various heavy machinery, with a strong focus on safety and precision.
• Willingness to adhere to strict safety protocols and regulations.
• Understanding of mining plans, excavation patterns, and material handling 
• Physical fitness and stamina to withstand long hours of machine operation in
challenging conditions.

4. Behavioural Competencies.
• Excellent hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.
• Good communication skills and ability to work in a team-oriented environment.
• Attention to detail and a proactive approach to problem-solving.
5. Experience.
• Proven experience as a machine operator in a construction environment is desirable

How to apply:
If you believe you are the right candidate for any of the above positions, please submit
your application with a detailed CV, photocopies of academic certificates, names of three referees with their contacts. In addition, please quote the job reference number as well the specific machine applied to be operated, on the subject of your email
Applications should be submitted to not later than
17th May at 05:00 pm.
Detailed job descriptions for each of the advertised positions can be accessed through
our website using the following link :
JHCL is an equal opportunity employer