Head of Finance, tax, and administration at Sagemcom | May 2024

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Job Description

Sagemcom is a ground-breaking technology integrator in telecoms and energy. Sagemcom’s teams all over the world continuously strive to innovate on their various markets and are committed to delivering made-to-measure and responsible solutions every day that meet the needs of telecoms operators and utilities.

Job title
Head of Finance, tax and administration H/F

Unlimited-term contract

Team description

Mission statement

– Oversee all finance, tax and administration tasks

– Lead as an example the team, hands-on in tasks related to accounting, administrative and tax.

– Ensure sales and costs of local projects are properly accounted and managed

– Tax compliance is a must, controls must be anticipated and well prepared

Manage one or two employees


– Book transactions, including analytical allocation.

– File and classify supporting documents.

– Bank reconciliations and correspondence

– Cash inventory and reconciliation.

– Determine cut off transactions for an accurate closing.

– Reconcile intercompany accounts.

– Establish the annual financial statements with the external auditor.

– Monitor the payments to creditors / banks

– Inventory of assets and stocks.

– Prepare and oversee monthly accounts

– Cross-check forms of invoices according to the taxes and local law

Tax, legal and customs:

– Ensure permanent legal and fiscal follow-up.

– Analyse and interpret tax legislation with tax team

– Prepare and review tax returns.

– Ensure compliance with internal financial policy and regulation.

– Assist in tax and customs inspection.

– Ensure tax and customs compliance.

– Reconcile tax returns and financial statement.

– Ensure taxes are paid on time with all receipt, swift copies attached.

– Ensure all documents are tax-compliant.

– Prepare and send to HQ tax reportings.


– Ensure accounting data is clean and able to be use for analysis: Sales recorded the right way, costs accounted on time with proper allocation

– Make sure costs structure is under control

– Formulate periodical cash flow projections.

– Establish and implement internal financial controls.

– Define key performance indicators


Finance degree (Master) with experience in accounting, tax and administration

Sagemcom is an disability friendly company.

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Job location
Africa /Middle-East, Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam