GPS Tracking Supervisor at Watu Credit | June 2024

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Job Description


Job Title 

GPS Tracking Supervisor






GPS Tracking 

Directly Reports to

GPS Tracking Manager

Job Purpose

GPS Tracking Supervisor is expected to offer leadership and supervisory support and ensure that GPS tracking systems are effectively utilized to meet organizational objectives, improve efficiency, enhance safety, and comply with relevant regulations.


  • Support and lead the assigned team.
  • Participate in performance appraisals and monthly 1-1s as per Watu performance management cycle.  
  • Assigned team administration on day-to-day activities
  • Support and troubleshooting: Assist stakeholders who need information about asset location or tracking history and resolve technical issues related to GPS tracking systems and devices.
  • Process data on the replacement of trackers
  • Prepare and send trackers to branches and factories.
  • Research and development: Device technology and Installation methods to improve quality of work.
  • Recycling: Collect and repair used trackers
  • Perform testing procedures on newly installed or repaired trackers and SIM cards to ensure they are functioning correctly
  • Conduct training sessions for GPS staff or other relevant personnel to ensure they are proficient in using the tracking system effectively.
  • Assess and analyze alerts received as potential vandalism and report them to the emergency department for action.
  • Manage team interaction and relations with the GPS Department on tracking.
  • Any other duty may be assigned.

General KPIs

  • Ensure 100% branch and all support departments operations
  • Less than 4 not connected cases for new assets
  • 1.5% offline cases per entire portfolio ratio
  • Ensure 100% installations done of the monthly order
  • Monthly reporting team members appraisals.


  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field of Engineering or Management discipline. 
  • A minimum of 3 years experience in team leadership in Tracking and fleet management or any other related field. 
  • Proficiency in report writing and presentation.
  • Able to build and nurture a team
  • Knowledge in basic Google applications (Google sheets, Google forms & Google documents) and understanding of systems integrations.

People & Leadership Skills

  • Must adhere to the company code of conduct
  • Embraces, leads and embeds change
  • Must actively demonstrate the values of Watu
  • Must lead, attend and participate in team meeting


  • Be a part of an international, dynamic and  driven team that has set their aspirations high and work hard to achieve those
  • Opportunities to learn and grow together with us
  • Competitive compensation package 
  • Health benefits

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